Big Data for Oral Health Knowledge: Preparing for the Workshop

Dr. Elsbeth Kalenderian, one of the presenters at the Workshop and Associate Professor and Chair Oral Health Policy and Epidemiology Department and Chief of Quality at the Harvard Dental Center, will talk about Standardized Terminology. She posted the following two questions to all the participants in order to trigger some discussions related to her presentation:

  1. What will make the average dental provider move to implement a diagnostic terminology, regardless if it is the DDS, ICD or a ref set?
  2. How can standardized terminologies be helpful in the integration of oral health into general health or more directly how can it facilitate inter-professional collaboration?

Please feel free to share your thoughts here with us.

Chris, Khalil, Lynn and Heiko

Christopher H. Fox, DMD, DMSc Executive Director International & American Associations for Dental Research

Khalil Yazdi, PhD CIO in Residence, Cloud Services Program Development at Internet2

Lynn Johnson, PhD Professor of Dentistry, School of Dentistry Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs and Institutional Effectiveness Clinical Professor, School of Information The University of Michigan

Heiko Spallek, DMD, PhD, MSBA Associate Professor, Dental Public Health Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs Executive Director, Center for Informatics in Oral Health Translational Research School of Dental Medicine, University of Pittsburgh

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