The Dental Informatics Blog

Welcome to the blog of the Dental Informatics Online Community! After pretty much all of the world has started to blog, we thought it was high time for the Dental Informatics Online Community (DIOC) to do the same. So, here goes …
Starting a blog is a special experience, so I thought I would tell you about how this came about. Dental informatics is a small, but rapidly growing discipline, as evidenced by a number of things. Gone are the days when a Medline search for “dental informatics” in 1996 yielded only a few hundred “hits” on dental informatics. The DIOC’s Publication Archive today includes more than 2,200 papers on the topic. An increasing number of people do research in dental informatics, some of it funded by the NIH and other organizations. The DIOC itself has been growing rapidly over the years, now totaling over 1,200 members.
Along with the DIOC’s growing presence on social media, such as our Twitter channel and Facebook page, we thought it would be great to have a forum to present and discuss critical issues in dental informatics. This is why we created the DIOC blog. We subheadlined it “Data, Computing and Technology in Dentistry” because we would like to offer broad coverage of dental informatics topics.
We have recruited a great initial team of bloggers: Drs. Thankam Thyvalikakath and Spallek from the Center for Dental Informatics, as well as I, will start us off. However, we don’t want to stop there. We are also looking for contributions from the dental informatics community at large. Do you have a favorite topic that you are passionate/curious/excited/frustrated about? Do you have questions about data, computing and technology in dentistry? What kind of content/topics would you like to see on the DIOC blog? Let us know – the field is wide open!

Titus Schleyer, DMD, PhD
Assoc. Professor and Director, Center for Dental Informatics