Cloud-based Electronic Record System for Dental Research

The Collaboration for Health IT (Collaboration) is working to effect generational change in Electronic Health Records (EHR) software in order to advance progress in clinical care, research and education within the dental profession. Through the collaborative work as clinical educators, researchers and administrators at three top dental schools (Michigan, North Carolina & Pittsburgh) along with the member-owned advanced technology community, Internet2 and the vendor, ICE Health Systems, the Collaboration has built a secure, extensive, interoperable and high performance EHR which is delivered entirely through the Cloud.
In December 2016, the University of Michigan signed an agreement that moves the process into the implementation phase, with the launch expected in 2018. By making ICE available via Internet2’s Net+ services, the collaboration is broadening the benefits to every school that partners with Internet2. A recently released a Case Study on this Collaboration can be found here.
Prof Spallek serves as member of the Advisory Board of the Collaboration and chair of the Collaboration’s Research Working Group that is actively involved in ensuring that the new EHR supports clinical research as a design principle instead of an afterthought. Thus, starting the transformation of EHR data cemeteries into sources of knowledge. Incidentally, Dr Lynn Johnson, University of Michigan, USA; Heiko Spallek, University of Sydney, Australia; Mark Genuis, ICE Health Systems, Canada; and Nigel Pitts, Kings College London, UK presented at this year’s IADR/AADR/CADR General Session & Exhibition in San Francisco, Calif., USA presenting on how EHRs can support clinical research. The presentation was titled “How Cloud Electronic Health Records (EHRs) Support Research” and the slides can be found as PDF here. The presentation made a case for a caries standard for EHRs delivered by Nigel Pitts from Kings College London, UK who is co-Chair of the ICDAS Foundation–a non-profit charity which promotes the ICCMS, a caries management system and international harmonisation of caries detection, assessment and management systems in order to improve patient outcomes. Nigel Pitts is a collaborator of Prof Wendell Evans from the University of Sydney, Faculty of Dentistry.