Resources from Toward a Diagnosis Driven Profession 2016

The Toward a Diagnosis Driven Profession conference was held just last month in conjunction with the AADR in LA, California. Stakeholders from the Government, Dental Professional Organizations, Insurance, EHR and Academic Institutions came together for a full day of presentations and brainstorming.

The major updates from this conference include:

  • The ADA and the Harvard-led team are working together to harmonize SNODENT and the DDS terminologies. All DDS terms will be fully included and represented in SNODENT. As such, SNODENT will be renamed SNODENT Dental Diagnostic System and will function as the full reference terminology for the dental profession. The DDS has been renamed SNO-DDS – to reflect the harmonization with SNODENT – and will function as the interface terminology for the dental profession.
  • Smaller subsets of SNO-DDS are also being created to cater to the specific needs of general dentists (SNO-DDSGD), oral surgeons (SNO-DDSOS) and other sub groups. Please see the SNO-DDS news page for a visual representation of how the major terminologies now interact.
  • SNODENT, SNO-DDS and its subsets are scheduled to go through the ANSI standards process in order to become a national standard by the end of 2016.
  • To access the Speakers’ PowerPoint presentations, please click here. The video presentations of the panels will be available in the near future through the AADR website. In the meantime, you may contact for questions about the availability of these videos.
  • To view/obtain a partial list of the SNO-DDS terms, please click here.
  • Although the SNO-DDS is obtainable free-of-charge, as with other major terminologies (i.e. ICD, SNOMED-CT), they can also be obtained in a ready-to-upload format from PMIC (a third-party vendor) for a small transaction fee. Click here to obtain this version.
  • If you would like to obtain regular updates about the SNO-DDS terminology and its subsets, please sign up here via our Google forms link.
  • For more information, please visit and
  • Thank you again and we look forward to future collaborations!

OHPE Team at Harvard

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