Dental Informatics and Dental Research   Conference, June 12-13, 2003: Making the Connection
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Schedule for Friday, June 13th

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The following was the schedule for the second day of the conference.

Time Topic Speaker
8:00 AM Breakout group reports
(15 minutes per report)
9:00 AM

Computational Models of Oral and Craniofacial Development, Growth and Repair


Peter Hammond
Professor and Head of Biomedical Informatics Unit
Eastman Dental Institute of Oral Health Care Sciences
University College London
9:45 AM Break (outside Balcony B)  
10:00 AM

Methods and Tools in Biomedical Informatics

[Powerpoint slides - 176 K]

John Zimmerman
Assistant Dean, Associate Professor
School of Dental and Oral Surgery
Interdisciplinary College of Physicians and Surgeons
Biomedical Informatics
Columbia University
10:30 AM

Digital Imaging in Dentistry: Applications and Research Challenges

[Powerpoint slides - 6.44 MB]

Brent Dove
Professor, Dental Diagnostic Sciences
University of Texas Health Science Center San Antonio, Texas
11:00 AM

Standards in Dental Informatics

[Powerpoint slides - 526 K]

Robert H. Ahlstrom
Associate Clinical Professor & Private Practice
Restorative Dentistry
University of the Pacific
11:30 AM

Biomedical Machine Learning

[PDF slides - 1.31 MB]

Marco Ramoni
Assistant Professor
Children’s Hospital Informatics Program
Harvard Medical School
12:00 PM Lunch (Cafeteria, Atlanta and Boston Rooms)  
1:30 PM

The Real-time Outbreak and Disease Surveillance System (RODS)


Jeremy Espino
Center for Biomedical Informatics
University of Pittsburgh
2:15 PM

Grand Challenges in Dental Informatics

[Powerpoint slides - 3.34 MB]

Dean Sittig
Clinical Informatics Research Network
Northwest Permanente and Center for Health Research
Kaiser Permanente
3:00 PM Break (outside Balcony B)  
3:15 PM Panel Discussion: Strategic Issues in Supporting Dental Research with Informatics  
4:30 PM Adjournment