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Just like being in the classroom, these webcasts offer presentations on Dental Informatics given by experts in the field. Streaming video of the lecturers with their PowerPoint presentations are just one click away (DSL and cable connections).  

White Papers
Do you know of interesting topics or key issues in Dental Informatics that we should be talking about? The documents in this section review issues like standards and best practices. Sharing ideas in an open, non-judgmental medium can help generate great discussion on these and other important topics.

Any idea for other interesting tools in the realm of Dental Informatics? The links in this section go to tools which can be freely used by anyone.

  • Preliminary Oral Cancer Website Evaluation Tools. jeannieirwin (12 star_purple), PhD developed an initial tool for evaluating oral cancer Website surface and content quality. She then applied the tool in a preliminary evaluation of 24 English-language and 24 Spanish-language websites. Information about the tools she used can be found on this page, along with the ability to use the tools to evaluate your own oral cancer website.

Dental Informatics and Dental Research: Making the Connection (2003; 120 pages): Proceedings of an NIH-funded scientific conference on dental informatics held in 2003. Its main purpose was to develop strategies for how biomedical informatics can most productively contribute to the resolution of dental research problems. The proceedings contain 24 articles on dental informatics as a discipline, informatics training for researchers, clinical IT systems in dentistry, health services research, dental bioinformatics applications and other subjects.

The computer-based oral health record: A new foundation for oral health information systems (1993; PDF; 30 MB; 269 pages): A comprehensive analysis of functions, opportunities and challenges for electronic dental records in the dental school environment. Includes feature checklists and lists of database fields for software modules such as patient registration, oral health status, digital imaging, interactive progress notes, appointment scheduling, financial management, patient screening and student assessment.
Copyright permission to post this monograph was graciously provided by Oral Health America. The support of the University of Washington School of Dentistry in providing the electronic copy is gratefully acknowledged.

Want to read more on dental informatics? The Publication Archive houses papers and abstracts on dental informatics and dental information technology.


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