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heiko spallek (89 )

Other information

Do you participate in funded research? Yes
If not, would you seek funding for your research? Yes
What is your research position? Associate Professor

Personal interests

  • digital imaging/image processing
  • clinical decision support
  • educational technology
  • practice management
  • computer-based patient records
  • evidence-based dentistry/electronic information resources
  • research methods

Other interests: e-communities

Projects (9):

Information Needs of Practicing Dentists - Determine the information needs of general dentists during patient care
Clinical information needs among physicians and nurses are found not being fully satisfied due to lack of time and various barriers to efficient information access. We can only assume that the same pr...

Photoshop for Lab Scientists - Develop an interactive teaching resource for basic histomorphometric analysis
We have received funding for developing an interactive teaching resource for basic histomorphometric analysis using Adobe Photoshop Extended. Adobe has greatly expanded the capabilities of Photoshop f...

Thin-Slicing for Collaboration Decisions - Do short video clips of potential collaborators help people optimize collaboration decisions?
This research project is part of the Clinical and Translational Science Award (CTSA) received by the University of Pittsburgh, specifically the Clinical and Translational Science Institute's (CTSI) On...

Curriculum Management Tool - manage the dental curriculum, simplify how syllabi are produced, accessed, and distributed
The Curriculum Management Tool (CMT) simplifies the way syllabi are produced, accessed, and distributed. Features of this tool include: (1) up-to-date syllabus template that includes all required text...

Lecture Recordings in Dental Education - status quo, perceived value and recommendations
This research project is part of a planned initiative at the University of Pittsburgh, School of Dental Medicine to incorporate lecture recordings as standard educational support technologies. However...

Evidence-Base Practice - Knowledge, Attitude, and Behavior of Dental Students
This research will utilize a validated instrument (Hendricson WD, Rugh JD, Hatch JP, Stark DL, Deahl T, Wallmann ER. Validation of an instrument to assess evidence-based practice knowledge, attitudes,...

E-Learning and its applicability for soft issues of the dental education - Analysis of the applicability of e-learning to familiarize students with soft issues such as their first encounter with SPs.
This research study analysis if and to which extent E-Learning is applicable to familiarize students with a “soft” area of their education, i.e. the basics of medical interviewing, such as taking ...

Implementing Research Findings and EBD Interventions into Real-World Dental Practice Settings - Leverage technology to overcome perceived and real barriers to the acceptance of EB dental practice guidelines
Currently, dentistry lags behind medicine with respect to promotion of research findings and evidence-based (EB) knowledge in clinical settings. This research project will help redress this disparity ...

Using Natural Language Processing to Enable In-Depth Analysis of Clinical Messages Posted to an Internet Mailing List - A Feasibility Study
We developed a workflow for finding a manageable number of clinically relevant messages from a much larger corpus of messages posted to an Internet mailing list. Our procedures enable labor-intensive ...

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