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General Dental Practices In England, Wales and Isle of Man

Visualizing dental practices in England, Wales and Isle of Man in Python using Folium

Data from DATA.GOV.UK Map created using Folium. Folium is a Python library that is an interface to the Leaflet Javascript mapping library and can create interactive maps. I used data from data.gov.uk to find the addresses of dental practices and mapped them on an OpenStreetMap using Folium and Python using coordinates obtained through geocoding APIs. Geocoding of dental practices performed using OpenStreetMap Geocoding API and Google Maps Geocoding API using geopy python library. The data was stored in a sqlite database with the help of SQLAlchemy Object Relational Mapper. The map displays dental practices that are active at the moment. Locations are approximate. See Map here: http://odontontology.pythonanywhere.com/post/2

Type of project: industry


Involved Persons:

Project Leader: Gopikrishnan Chandrasekharan (City University London)
Other involved People:


Is the project funded?no

DIOC user:

gopikrishnan c (11 star_purple), City University London
gopikrishnan c's interests: digital imaging/image processing, clinical decision support, educational technology, practice management, computer-based patient records, patients and computers/consumer health informatics, implementation/maintenance of IT, evidence-based dentistry/electronic information resources, research methods, library information sciences, diagnostic and therapeutic technologies


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