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Federated Terminology Maintenance

Federated Terminology Maintenance through a Semantic Media Wiki

In order to complete the NCI Thesaurus OBO Compliance prototype, Apelon created and implemented a Semantic Media Wiki to enable geographically separated editors to collaborate on the sample NCI Thesaurus data set. This prototype wiki, while not part of the original intent of the OBO Compliance project, became a central part of the OBO project. The NCI recognized that the Semantic Media Wiki was a mechanism that would enable the NCI to handle the expected increased editorial load for OBO compliance work. The NCI can now utilize geographically separated authors and editors in the process. Apelon is in the process of expanding the functionality of the prototype Semantic Media Wiki into a enterprise stable version.


Involved Persons:

Project Leader: Harold Solbrig (Apelon Inc.)
Other involved People: Franklin Din, Informatics Consultant, Apelon Inc.


Is the project funded?yes
Funding source:NCI

Other information:

Duration of project:prototype complete; new version ongoing

DIOC user:

franklin din (19 star_red), FraudLens, Inc
franklin din's interests: digital imaging/image processing, clinical decision support, educational technology, bioinformatics, computer-based patient records, patients and computers/consumer health informatics, diagnostic and therapeutic technologies, interoperability, RHIO


franklin din (19 ), 11/26/2007:
While part of the creation of the Semantic Media Wiki prototype, I am no longer assigned to the ongoing development of the enterprise stable version.


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