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DICOM Supplement 131

DICOM for Implantology

There is an ongoing DICOM Work Item (Supplement 131) for expanding the DICOM Standard to accommodate implants. This started with orthopedic implants (hip, etc.) and dental implants are to be the second group to be included within the scope of this development. As Co-Chair of DICOM WG 22 (Dentistry) and ADA SCDI WG 12.1, I am seeking folk who would like to be involved in developing the dental implant portion of DICOM Supplement 131. Participants would need to sign the National Electronic Manufacturers Association Patent Policy agreement (to disclose conflicts of interest) and the American Dental Association SCDI copyright agreement.


Involved Persons:

Project Leader: Allan G. Farman (DICOM Working Group 22)
Other involved People: DICOM WG22 and ADA SCDI WG12.1


Is the project funded?no

Other information:

Duration of project:12-18 months
Papers related to project:Draft document to be supplied on receipt of ADA and NEMA agreements
Personnel needed:Individuals who are familiar with dental informatics and dental implantology as users, vendors or representatives of organizations with an interest in dental implantology.

DIOC user:

AFarman (4 star_blue), University of Louisville
AFarman's interests: digital imaging/image processing


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