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Detection of Disease Outbreaks Using Oral Manifestations

Using oral signs and symptoms as part or an early warning system

Our system builds on the notion that diseases manifestations occur in the mouth earlier than in the rest of the body. We are using this information to develop an early warning system which warns public health officials of a possible disease outbreak.

Type of project: academic


Involved Persons:

Project Leader: Miguel Humberto Torres-Urquidy (University of Pittsburgh)
Other involved People:


Is the project funded?yes
Funding source:NIH, Conacyt

Other information:

Papers related to project:Torres-Urquidy MH, Wallstrom G, Schleyer TKL. Detection of disease outbreaks by the use of oral manifestations. J Dent Res. 2009 Jan;88(1):89-94

DIOC user:

Miguel Humberto Torres-Urquidy (11 star_purple), University of Pittsburgh, Center for Dental Informatics
Miguel Humberto Torres-Urquidy's interests: digital imaging/image processing, clinical decision support, educational technology, bioinformatics, practice management, computer-based patient records, patients and computers/consumer health informatics, implementation/maintenance of IT, evidence-based dentistry/electronic information resources, research methods, library information sciences, diagnostic and therapeutic technologies, bioterrorism


Vandana Kapoor (4 ), 05/12/2009:
I am a dentist and currently doing Bioinformatics at OHSU ..i just need to know the details of your project. Could you please send me any paper with more information about this project.
Dr Vandhana -------- (5 ), 02/19/2009:
Respected sir/mam
Iam a dentist persuing PG in Bioinformatics. Your project seems to be interesting. can i know more about its details. Also can you mail me a copy of your paper on this project. my email address is vandhana0001@gmail.com.
Thanking you.
Dr. Vandhana


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