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General Dental Information Items List

Development of a Dental Information Items List appropriate for General Dentistry

Preliminary results from our previous study conducted at Center for Dental Informatics shows that currently available Electronic Dental Record (EDR) component of various commercial Practice Management System (PMS) lack a uniform frame work of information items embedded in them. This lack of standard information items in the EDR leads to sub-optimal level of clinical information coverage and this drawback can be remedied by developing a Dental Information Items List (DIIL) that would adequately support the process of clinical documentation in dental records for the domain of general dentistry. To achieve this, we have compiled an universal list of the information items used to capture and document the clinical information in a previous study. This list has approximately 1100 information items. Currently we are focusing on an iterative refinement of this candidate list through a formal Delphi process to yeild the DIIL. The goal of the Delphi phase will be to reach agreement on the information most appropriate for a general dental record. The Delphi study panel will be composed of 20 general dentists, 10 dental educators and 10 dental researchers in order to reflect a variety of perspectives on the EDR content. In each Delphi round, we will present the panel experts with a structured and categorized candidate list of information items. The results of each round will be analyzed and prepared for the next round by the study investigators. Panel experts will be asked to make three decisions regarding each data field in the candidate list: Should the field be (1) Mandatory, (2) Optional or (3) Deleted. We will also give the panel experts the opportunity to suggest additional information items and provide other comments. In the second round, we will present the voting results of the first round for each data field, and ask the panel experts to vote only on fields for which there was less than 90% agreement on retention/deletion in the first round. Information items with modifications will be offered both in their original and modified version(s) for voting. In analyzing the results of the second round, we will retain/delete information items that received agreement of 70% or greater. We will conduct a third round if our decision rules have not yet yielded a final decision for more than 10% of the information items. In each round, we will also ask the panel experts whether new information items should be added; new information items will be voted on in the subsequent round. A list of information items that are not included in the general dental record, but that may be appropriate for specific contexts and environments, will be published separately from the main list.

Type of project: academic


Involved Persons:

Project Leader: Amit Acharya (Biomedical Informatics Research Center, Marshfield Clinic Research Foundation)
Other involved People: Titus Schleyer, Mei Song, Thankam Thyvalikakath
Thankam Thyvalikakath (22 star_red)


Is the project funded?no

Other information:

Duration of project:6 months
Personnel needed:We are recruiting a panel of experts to be on the Delphi study. We like to invite members to participate in Delphi panel who are general dentists in private practice or hold a teaching/research position. Please help us recruit members for the Delphi panel
Expertise sought:The Delphi panel will review the information item list and vote/comment on each information item. Due to the effort required for this process, we are looking for very motivated and dedicated members of the profession.

DIOC user:

amit acharya (34 star_turquoise), Marshfield Clinic Research Foundation
amit acharya's interests: digital imaging/image processing, clinical decision support, educational technology, practice management, computer-based patient records, patients and computers/consumer health informatics, implementation/maintenance of IT, evidence-based dentistry/electronic information resources, research methods, library information sciences, diagnostic and therapeutic technologies, Electronic Dental Records Information Model, Standards Development


jambu alas (1 ), 09/17/2013:
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amit acharya (34 ), 11/11/2009:
Kris, I agree with your statement completely. Having an integrated oral-systemic computer-based patient records will definitely be beneficial. I am currently looking at the common data elements across both the disciplines for a possible integration in the near future. I would definitely be interested in hearing more from you.
kris drummond (2 ), 09/24/2009:
Community Health Centers are eagerly seeking a robust, consistent, and confluent EDR.

Perhaps their "health care home" model would be a beneficial one for research. Our dental clinics are partnered with medical clinics and strive to improve systemic health outcomes as well as oral health outcomes.
arden forrey (23 ), 09/2/2009:
I would just like to comment that this project complements the EDR Record project by focusing on the Resource Management attributes particularly and could clearly show how the data needed for this aspect comes from that for the Care process. I would like to discuss this with you in pursuit of the more general EDR Model effort.


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