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" An Open Source Dental Information Library"

A library of open source dental information like w3schools

Oromatrix ( http://www.oromatrix.com ) is an open source library of information in dental and maxillofacial sciences. The website is about publishing articles relating to dental sciences in an organized fashion some what similar to W3Schools ( http://www.w3schools.com ) so that dental students and dental surgeons all over the world can access the library for reference. The articles should be categorized into various disciplines in dentistry and maxillofacial sciences. Remember the world needs your support to make this project grow. I am self funding this project for now, I need your kind support. Anyone can join the team.

Type of project: academic


Involved Persons:

Project Leader: Dr.Saikat Saha (Oromatrix)
Other involved People: s.momin (8 star_purple)


Is the project funded?no

Other information:

Duration of project:No Duration. It is an open source development
Personnel needed:1) Anyone can join this project who has the capability to author authenticated articles on any domains of dental and maxillofacial sciences. OR 2)php,mysql,ajax,javascript,flash animators,web developers, with understanding of MAMBO CMS.
Expertise sought:Ormatrix needs a team of expert people who are masters in their own respective domains. This top level team will form the regulatory body of Oromatrix. The task of the regulatory body will be to screen the submitted articles and validiate the authenticity

DIOC user:

Dr Saikat Kumar Saha (7 star_blue), Paramount Hospital Pvt Ltd
Dr Saikat Kumar Saha's interests: digital imaging/image processing, clinical decision support, educational technology, bioinformatics, practice management, computer-based patient records, patients and computers/consumer health informatics, implementation/maintenance of IT, evidence-based dentistry/electronic information resources, research methods, library information sciences, diagnostic and therapeutic technologies, Software Design In Dental, Medical and Bioinformatic Technologies


ioan calugar, bucuresti, romania (25 ), 12/23/2014:
Please be aware that web page http://www.oromatrix.com doesn't exist.
daniel addison (13 ), 08/14/2014:
Hi Dr. Saha,

I am based in Chicago Illinois, I am definitely interested in this project. I am currently attending the University of Illinois at Chicago accomplishing a Masters of Science degree in Health Informatics. I also would like to contribute my services a major way for the project. I can be reached at daniel.addison@hciss.org or phone number 773-905-8835. I look forward to speaking with you further about the project.
s.momin (8 ), 08/9/2014:
Hi i am based in Texas,USA. This project is what i was looking for, i am from india, completed my Bachelor of computer science and Bachelor of dental surgery.Future plan to enroll in Master's in Bioinformatics.Please let me details of the project,what it needs to be completed. how i can contribute in major effective way. my email :sarfraz_momin@yahoo.com. Thank you
vijay thirumalai (12 ), 01/18/2013:
I am happy to help on web development portion. this is my email id : dbakumar@gmail.com
arash montazeri (145 ), 01/22/2010:
Good Idea. but I think it's better to modify your site links to be more friendly for google search engine ( SEF and SEO ). like this:
And then submit a dynamic XML site-map too google webmaster tools.
A.Montazeri DDS, from Iran
Aneesha Acharya (5 ), 01/10/2010:
The project sounds good..I'm a periodontist,have some experience of content generation,publication writing and am interested in contributing to the project.
dr.nair (14 ), 12/30/2009:
hi this is a nice project. i would like to contribute with Local anesthesia section. by email. so mail ur email so that i can forward the data.
chetan jayade (8 ), 10/28/2009:
I think the idea is wonderful. Being from India, Saikat, I would like to join in. Please let me know if I could contribute in any way. I am an Orthodontist, working in India.


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