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Curriculum Management Tool

manage the dental curriculum, simplify how syllabi are produced, accessed, and distributed

The Curriculum Management Tool (CMT) simplifies the way syllabi are produced, accessed, and distributed. Features of this tool include: (1) up-to-date syllabus template that includes all required text elements, such as the disability statement, (2) online syllabi access for students and administrators via any Web browser, (3) searching capabilities to compare and find corresponding courses and sessions (this broader term is used instead of “lectures” to include non-didactic courses). Background: Managing a dynamic dental curriculum efficiently and effectively can be a daunting task without the assistance of technology. In order to eliminate redundancy and ensure proper sequencing in every curriculum as it continues to evolve, the University of Pittsburgh, School of Dental Medicine’s Curriculum Committee created a powerful tool that can search rapidly through courses for topics and competencies. Not only can this information assist school administrators, like the Curriculum Committee in managing the curriculum, but also, faculty, students and administrators can use the CMT to locate specific topics and competencies taught throughout the curriculum. Additionally, all syllabi can be accessed through the CMT. Goals of the CMT: (1) optimize management of the curriculum, (2) eliminate redundancy in the curriculum, (3) ensure proper sequencing in the curriculum, (4) provide a search tool to locate topics and competencies taught in the curriculum, (5) provide online access to course syllabi. See a demo: We have developed two very brief on-line videos (each a couple of minutes) to introduce you to the CMT: CMT Intro: http://www.dental.pitt.edu/informatics/CMTdemo/index.htm CMT Tutorial: http://www.dental.pitt.edu/informatics/CMTtutorial/index.htm (Please keep in mind these videos were created for our faculty only.) Distribution: Open Source

Type of project: academic


Involved Persons:

Project Leader: Heiko Spallek (University of Pittsburgh)
Other involved People: Young Im Yoo Dr. Jean O’Donnell Dr. Marnie Oakley Dr. Robert Weyant (and many pilot testers from the School of Dental Medicine, University of Pittsburgh)
arden forrey (23 star_turquoise)


Is the project funded?no

Other information:

Duration of project:ongoing
Papers related to project:Spallek H, O’Donnell JA, Yoo YI. Curriculum Management Tool: An Intranet-Based Software Application. American Dental Education Association 2010 Annual Session and Exposition: TechnoExpo. March 1, 2010; Washington, DC. Journal of Dental Education. Vol 74 (2), 2010: 219.
Personnel needed:We are looking for beta test sites, schools with interest in testing the CMT and providing structured feedback. The code can be freely obtained from us.
Expertise sought:HIT, informatics expertise at beta-test site school.

DIOC user:

heiko spallek (89 star_green), School of Dental Medicine, University of Pittsburgh
heiko spallek's interests: digital imaging/image processing, clinical decision support, educational technology, practice management, computer-based patient records, evidence-based dentistry/electronic information resources, research methods, e-communities


heiko spallek (89 ), 07/30/2010:
Update: We submitted a grant proposal in response to HRSA-10-263 in May of 2010 and are awaiting a decision on funding.
Many dental schools have indicated interest in the CMT project and several have requested the code which we provide for free.
arden forrey (23 ), 01/29/2010:
This is an important project that complements teh Clinical Integration DIOC project. It reflects steps that have been taken here in UW-SD to devlop a strategy for integration of informatics knowledge areas into both the Undergaduate Dentistry and Dental Hygiene curricula in way directed at their contribution to "competency" profiles organized by the five "Core Competncies" of the 2003 IOM Report "Health professions Education: A Bridge to Quality" which advocates a health specialty discipline unified classification of "Competencies" that integrate those for informatics. I suggest that this project contact Dominic COvvey of the University of Waterloo in Canada who is proceeding on classifying the informatics competencies that includes those relvant to oral health specialties. Collaboration on this project would be significant to international efforts and the uses of harmonized informatics standards that are emrging. Appreciation of the Educational issues and Curriculum Mangement of both formal and Continuing Professional Education (CPE) has not yet matured. DIOC Project use of the 1993 book now online on the DIOC Learning Center in active collaboration with Oral Health America and the ANSI HITSP Education, Communication and Outreach Committee to convey how integrated informatics standards, combined with curricular integration, enable the Care Integration that the other DIOC projects strive to attain. That posture should enable funding sources for DIOC.


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