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Biopsy Register

Data base system to keep the data of proceced biopsy.

As a member of the pathology department, developed a database system to archive the data from the main register book. The data is: name of the patient, age, sex, date, clinical diagnosis, clinical code (CIES CODE), localization of the lesion (biopsy), code of localization, name of the referer, histopatological diagnosis, histopatological code (CIES CODE), Syndrome, Concordance of the clinical diagnosis and the histopatholocial diagnosis, code of concordance, code for tissue.

Type of project: academic


Involved Persons:

Project Leader: Dr. Rogelio Sepúlveda Infante (Facultad de Odontología, U.A.N.L. México)
Other involved People: Dr. Elías Romero de León Chief pathologist Facultad de Odontología, U.A.N.L. eromero42@hotmail.com


Is the project funded?no

Other information:

Duration of project:On going project
Papers related to project:in the near furture several articles about lesions on the oral and maxillofacial areas.
Expertise sought:Contacts to publish the articles.

DIOC user:

Rogelio Sepulveda (10 star_purple), Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo León
Rogelio Sepulveda's interests: digital imaging/image processing, clinical decision support, educational technology, bioinformatics, computer-based patient records, patients and computers/consumer health informatics, implementation/maintenance of IT, evidence-based dentistry/electronic information resources, research methods, library information sciences, diagnostic and therapeutic technologies


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