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Computer-Assisted Guidance for Tobacco Dependence Interventions in Dental Offices

Modify an existing electronic dental record to create tobacco cessation recommendations

Electronic dental records (EDR) are a potentially powerful tool to incorporate current scientific evidence into clinical practice by providing key information at the point of patient care. We know that disseminating evidencebased guidelines is not sufficient to change clinical practice so innovative approaches need to be tested in dentistry. The composite expertise of the investigators and consultants on this project and a large group practice with multiple clinics utilizing one EDR are essential to address the aims of this study. This project will examine whether dentists and hygienists will assess interest in quitting and deliver a tobacco intervention more frequently when provided with computer assisted guidance compared to a control group. Specifically we will measure the delivery of questions assessing willingness to change and appropriate interventions based on willingness to change by measuring the recording of these activities in the EDR and patient receipt of these recommendations through a phone survey. In addition, the study will do a qualitative assessment of the patient perceived value of the provider-patient encounter to further inform us about patient perception of this interaction. We want to know if dental providers will utilize these tools during the dental encounter. If they are used, we would propose further studies examining smoking cessation rates. We were not able to measure cessation rates due to the short two year timeline of this funding mechanism. This tool has potential application for other clinical topics, which makes this approach very innovative when considering the translation of evidence into the unique clinical practice of dentistry.

Type of project: academic


Involved Persons:

Project Leader: D. Brad Rindal (HealthPartners Research Foundation)
Other involved People: Bill Rush, Steve Asche, Charles Huntley, Titus Schleyer, Heiko Spallek, Thankam Thyvalikakath, Michael Kirshner, Raymond Boyle, Merry Jo Thoele
Aneesha Acharya (5 star_blue)
Thankam Thyvalikakath (22 star_red)


Is the project funded?yes
Funding source:NIDCR

Other information:

Duration of project:2 years

DIOC user:

D. Brad Rindal (5 star_blue), HealthPartners Research Foundation
D. Brad Rindal's interests: clinical decision support, bioinformatics, computer-based patient records, patients and computers/consumer health informatics, evidence-based dentistry/electronic information resources, research methods


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