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Evidence-Based Dentistry

Teaching evidence-based concepts and searching techniques to dental students

I have completed four library instruction classes on: 1. how to effectively search for evidence-based information 2. how to manage and collect this information by utilization of bibliographic citation managers. 3. efficient utilization of PubMed and the MeSH database. My second endeavor is to present a six hour selective next month on the practice of evidence-based dentistry, utilizing the PICO format, critical appraisal (introduction) of the literature, effective Web searching for EB information and drug databases. This is specifically designed for the senior dental student, who will be eventually be faced with a more limited set of resources after graduation. Resources are presented,which are open access and still of high quality. Note: both of these projects are attended on a volunteer basis and are not part of the curriculum.

Type of project: academic


Involved Persons:

Project Leader: Paul Hunter, DMD, MLIS
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Is the project funded?no

Other information:

Duration of project:ongoing
Expertise sought:I have a keen interest on how evidence-based dentistry is being presented in the US dental schools. I feel that these initiatives are very much part of the dental library environment, as librarians are at the forefront of searching for quality information

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paul hunter (8 star_purple)
paul hunter's interests: clinical decision support, computer-based patient records, library information sciences


paul hunter (8 ), 05/28/2010:
Hi Titus -

Sorry for the late reply - I really need to check your site more often. I have not posted the materials online, but have been looking at MeEDPortal for possibly submitting content and videos which I have used throughout the year. These videos were produced using the free software Jing from Techsmith, but I have now been using Camtasia Studio. I can create videos longer than 5 minutes long, which provides more flexibility with my content.

paul hunter (8 ), 05/24/2010:
This past year I had implemented a new strategy on creating a hands-on approach to evidence-based dentistry. This included creation of nine separate videos demonstrating specific aspects of searching for information. I believe that it was very successful, as the students were able to really incorporate a higher quality of evidence into their presentations. I will continue to build upon this for 2010-2011.
elizabeth kettell (14 ), 05/6/2010:
I am very interested in this topic. Last year I was asked to teach a 4-session course in EBD to our periodontic and prosthodontic residents. It was quite successful and next fall will be part of the core curriculum for all of our residents.
I like to keep up to date on this topic and refine my course as applicable.
titus schleyer (102 ), 02/1/2010:
Hi Paul,

Nice to see you on the DIOC! Are the syllabus/materials accessible online? Also, have you thought of submitting this to MeEdPortal? We just submitted a course materials for an introduction to computing there. The process is quite involved, but I think the feedback and utility to the community might be worth it.


arden forrey (23 ), 01/29/2010:
I continue to be very interestd in this area of activity as a key example of the application of the IOM 2003 Report "Health Professions Education: A Bridge to Quality" in how informatics enables the Core Competency "Evidence-based Practice" through implemented information architecture components and knowledge-structures.
PHeller (4 ), 11/28/2007:
Hi Paul, It's a small world after all! Pat


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