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ActiveX Control For Dental Charting

Plugin ActiveX control to chart Dentition

Develop a standard ActiveX control that can be used to chart the Adult and Pediatric Dental Exam. Provide a universal plug in control that can be dropped into any ActiveX compliant language.

Type of project: industry


Involved Persons:

Project Leader: Adam Orden DDS, MS
Other involved People: jomkwan (3 star_blue)


Is the project funded?no

Other information:

Personnel needed:Anyone with experience developing ActiveX controls, need graphics designers to design bitmaps, need to develop a set of universal standards (properties) for the control.
Expertise sought:C++, graphics design, input for a set of standard items (properties) that would be needed (i.e. Caries,extracted tooth, missing tooth, impacted tooth, pocket depth...etc).

DIOC user:

aorden (5 star_blue), Newton Wellesley Oral surgery
aorden's interests: practice management, computer-based patient records


vijay thirumalai (12 ), 01/18/2013:
I am good to help on some programming stuff in c++ since am java developer. but Some of my friends are experience c++ & dot net developers for activeX, we can ask them for more help. this is my email id : dbakumar@gmail.com.
ioan calugar, bucuresti, romania (25 ), 03/13/2012:
This is really a very useful project.
In my thought the best 3D charting control on the market belongs to the OpenDental, an open source project available on the net for download ( www.opendental.com ). The embedded 3D charting control in this software is a super professional work and comply with the ADA standards. That's why the control cannot be used in Europe without some adaptations.


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