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Help us keep the Publication Archive up to date by suggesting papers in dental informatics or information technology. Please see the scope document for which types of papers we would like you to recommend. (Add a paper)


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Please help us build an information vocabulary by tagging papers with additional keywords, supplementing the existing MeSH terms. Also, feel free to use the "comments" field attached to each paper to: Share your thoughts about papers. Give hints to other members of the community. Point out connections to ongoing research efforts. (Only available when logged in. Not a member yet? Join DIOC, it is free!)


About the Publication Archive

The Publication Archive is a comprehensive resource of papers about informatics and information technology in dentistry. It currently includes 2,452 papers dating back to 1975. The Publication Archive is populated by a weekly search of MEDLINE and by members such as you. The scope document describes what types of papers you will find in the Publication Archive.

The Publication Archive was initially populated by a set of papers developed through a systematic search described in Schleyer, TK, Corby, P, and Gregg, AL. Preliminary Analysis of the Dental Informatics Literature. Adv Dent Res 2003;17:16-20. A futher paper about the Publication Archive is in development.


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