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Star program

The stars you see next to each member screen name show how much each member has contributed to the Community. You can increase your star level by adding more to the DIOC. Generally, members receive one point every time they interact with the DIOC by updating their profile, uploading a picture, linking a video, adding a comment to a page, or adding a tag to a paper in the Publication Archive.

Here's what the different stars mean:

Blue star (blue star) = lower than 20th percentile (< 8 points)

Purple star (purple star) = 20th percentile or higher (≥ 8 points)

Red star (red star) = 40th percentile or higher (≥ 15 points)

Turquoise star (turquoise star) = 60th percentile or higher (≥ 23 points)

Green star (green star) = 80th percentile or higher (≥ 89 points)

Yellow star (yellow star) = 90th percentile or higher (≥ 148 points)

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